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In 1942 Micatop was established by George Mandas in Newark, New Jersey. He emigrated to the United States from Greece and founded the business in hopes of making a life for his family and himself. Since then the hard work the Mandas family has dedicated to the company has blossomed into a tri generational business now owned by the grandson of the founder, George Mandas.


The establishment of Zone Defense Incorporated took place in 1990. We started as a ballistic company and have since evolved into doing high end commercial millwork. In 2018 we moved into our current 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility where our product goes into final design and manufacturing. The majority of our work is showcased in the Greater New York City Area and all around New Jersey. We are a family business with a focus in constant improvement and positive customer experiences. 

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About Us

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As a multigenerational company we are dedicated to delivering high quality work while simultaneously striving to meet the needs of our clients. Between custom millwork design, metal detailing, and ballistic glass work we are capable of making your vision into a reality. Commercial and large scale jobs are our speciality but not a limitation to what we are capable of. 

We maintain constant growth and change through utilizing high grade technology like CNC Machining to produce our millwork. Every employee is experienced within the realms of the industry and our extensive knowledge leads to a customer forward approach which has allowed Zone Defense Inc. to uphold a high standard reputation. We are eager to connect, create, and build with our valued clients. Contact us to work together. 

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